Renamed from PWS to PEMS at Second Location

When I took down my equipment in Aug 2010, I wasn't sure when or how I'd be able to build another weather monitoring station. My next job took me to Europe for a couple years. There I didn't have the land to do much with a real weather station, and the siting was not anything ideal for recording true weather data. I still wanted something though, so I looked at modifying the pagoda to be hung instead of mounted on a pole, and came up with a different mount for the rain gauge. It might all look a little funny, but I didn't want to invest a lot of money in materials there, and I had a hard time sourcing them at first as well. This is when I decided to name it my Personal Environment Monitoring System, or PEMS.

Temperature Housing
Figure 1. Hanging pagoda for outdoor temperature and humidity

Rain Gauge Stand
Figure 2. Rain gauge on tripod

I did run into some issues here, and eventually had to take down the pagoda because of problems with the temperature and humidity sensor. Overall, the system also kept track of temperature inside as well as barometric pressure. The system was taken down as a whole in August 2012, preparing again for another move back across the ocean.

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