My Weather Station

Also know as Personal Environment Monitoring System (PEMS)

PEMS1 showing Pagoda, rain, and lower wind tower

This is where you will find information on what I often refer to as my weather station but is more than just that. In my own documentation I call it my Personal Environment Monitoring System (PEMS). So what is a PEMS? Think of it as a weather station that also includes other environmental data. So beyond basic outdoor weather sensors of temperature, rainfall, and wind, it can also include inside temperature for multiple locations (attics, upstairs, downstairs, garage, basement), inside humidity, soil temperature...the list can go on and on.

This project started in 2008 and was initially called the Personal Weather and Environment Monitoring System (PWEMS). Ultimately I decided to stop calling it my weather station when I no longer had the ability to place critical sensors away from structures. The system has been torn down from what it was in 2010 and moved a few times, taking on different capabilities based on the different sensors that were attached, to its forth location, so now it is labeled PEMS4.

Here I hope to showcase how it all got started, some of the different configurations it has been through, and more about the system as it changes and expands. Hopefully it will be something worth looking at, and maybe inspiring someone else to take on something similar.

How it all started

My first personal weather station

The second location and now PEMS

Development continues at the third setup

The last location PEMS was installed

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