More information on PEMS at Location 4 (PEMS4)

After almost a year of using the first aspirated sensor housing (ASH1), I started development of a second one. Changes included a smaller fan box, a double walled air inlet, and an easier design to get in and replace the fan if required. Would you have ever guessed that the shields are made out of pie and pizza pans?

Sensor housing in development
Figure 1. ASH2 Development
Finished construction of sensor housing but still have to paint white
Figure 2. ASH2 Assembled with No Paint

Once built, I deployed it a few feet away from ASH1, and put sensors in each that I had tested against each other to see how far apart they'd read. Also near by was a new non-aspirated pagoda so I could see what the difference was between all three. More information on those differences forthcoming.

Comparing size difference of sensor housings on the bench Three temperature sensor housings under test
Figure 3. ASH1 vs AHS2 size comparisonFigure 4. Three sensor housings under test

By the beginning of 2019, PEMS4 had grown pretty big. Some things I was considering was hard-lining network between the house and the shed, with either fiber optics or using coax (I had the equipment for the latter), as well as building out new sensors for temperature, humidity, solar light level, wind speed and direction, as well as improvements to waterproof RJ45 connectors and further protect the sensors and bus maters from transient voltages. I was also improving documentation of site layout and issues. By contrast in Mississippi my notes document was 6 pages, here it was 25!

Site Layout Sketch
Figure 4. Final site layout of PEMS4 Click for larger view

Shutting Down, Again

Things were happening and we needed to move again. In preparation for pictures I took down what could look "weird" in the back yard. All pagodas and ASH2, the conduit coming out of the ground, and the wind sensor on the shed. I left the rain gauge out there for as long as I dared, but finally shut it all down sometime in October 2019. Right now it is all packed away in boxes, some in good shape, some not so much...

Development in a PEMS5 could happen, but probably not soon. In the mean time, I'd like to look into more use of wireless sensors, either battery powered or low voltage and all data sent over WiFi. Time will tell, I'm sure this isn't a dead hobby, but for now no large scale development. I hope to go over some data I've collected and post it as well.

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