How it all started

First parts to arrive
Figure 1. First parts to arrive.

In the January 2008, I ordered some parts from (no longer in business) and ordered some samples from Maxim IC. At the time I wasn't certain where I was going with all of it, but this allowed me to start looking at logging temperature with my computer. At first it was just in my office, with a DS18S20 like the one in the following picture.

First Sensor
Figure 2. First sensor in my setup.

It wasn't long after that I decided to expand and ordered a wind sensor and rain gauge.

Wind Sensor
Figure 3. Wind sensor before assembly.
Rain Gauge
Figure 4. Modified RainWise rain gauge.

After a few months I was able to run a "test" network to a location outside where I could test the wind sensor, and later on the rain gauge.

Running Network Cable
Figure 5. Pulling cable under the house.
Network Cable Ready for Burry
Figure 6. Small trench with direct burial cable.

This started what would be the "testing phase" that lasted over a year. Below you can see the first height the wind sensor was tested at, then the second height.

First, Short Pole
Figure 7. First testing pole.
Second, Long Pole
Figure 8. Second testing pole a little higher.

Disaster Strikes!

Pole knocked over
Figure 9. Found this one day, it was knocked over.

August 2008. We have a strong storm roll through. The neighbor's trampoline went airborne, over the fence of my yard, knocking down the wooden pole with my wind sensor. The sensor itself didn't seem to take any damage though. This is also where I had lots of wiring problems, because I was just twisting the telephone cable ends together and separating them with electrical tape. This was all supposed to be temporary, right?

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